LibreOffice Language Technology – News & Best practices

After releasing Hunspell 1.7 with several improvements, including the fast and better spelling suggestion, I publish the extended version of my presentation at LiboCon, Tirana: LibreOffice Language Technology – News & Best practices. I suggest checking its content especially for members of native language groups. I have listed several ideas, examples and code pointers to improve the support of your language in LibreOffice, helping your LibreOffice users.

LibreOffice at Free Software Conference 2011, Budapest

The Free Software Conference and Exhibition 2011 organized by Foundation was held today in Budapest. With more than 500 participants, it was the biggest free software event in Hungary this year. I think it was a great success, there were many good presentations in 4 tracks, and there was also a room for workshops.

Three Hungarian LibreOffice developers presented there. I had a keynote session about LibreOffice project and The Document Foundation in general. Emphasis was put on attracting new developers and the developer friendly ways of LibreOffice project. I also noted that TDF recommended professional L3 support contract to larger organizations who planned to use or were using LibreOffice. I borrowed a few slides and ideas from others, especially from Michael Meeks, so I thank him again for creating those slides. 🙂 Miklos Vajna presented his GSoC work on RTF filters. Unfortunately I could not attend, I had to be at localizers’ workshop at the same time. Laszlo Nemeth presented the longer version of his “Towards DTP” talk that he had in Paris, with even more slides and very nice examples. Also, 300 LibreOffice stickers were distributed, people could take them from the registration desk. A Hungarian LibreOffice rollup stood next to the registration desk, at a very visible place. It was a great event, and LibreOffice was well represented.

My slides from LibreOffice Conference 2011, Paris

For those who did not attend my presentations and for future reference, please find my slides online.
My talks:

  • Localization without building – it was about my thoughts and efforts on how to build language pack without compiling all source code.
  • Localization Birds of Feather session – no slides, but participants discussed state and problems of localization. Some of these problems were presented a day later to the developers on the lightning talk track. Translators also wanted regular localized alpha releases from master. Well, first we need a somewhat stabilized and working master…
  • Design localization-friendly user interface – it was a lightning talk. Only 3 slides, 3 things to keep in mind when designing UI. These issues were raised on the L10n BoF and on l10n mailing list.

By the way, I also presented Laszlo Nemeth’s slides who unfortunately could not come to Paris. That presentation about DTP capabilities of LibreOffice was put online a couple of days ago.

Towards Desktop Publishing

Towards DTP slideIf you were not able to attend this presentation, please find the slides online. There are some really nice examples for the new InDesign-like typographical features of LibreOffice.
Unfortunatelly, I was not able to attend the conference, so many thanks to András Tímár for the presentation.

LibreOffice at Info Savaria 2011

Info Savaria is a traditional conference for Hungarian informatics teachers. It is held every year in Szombathely, Hungary. This time I was invited to give a talk about LibreOffice. I summarized the history of the project and the new features of LibreOffice 3.3. I tried to emphasize the advantages of the new free development model.

Although Microsoft software is prevalent in Hungarian educational system, an increasing group of devoted teachers use and teach free software, including Linux, Gimp, and LibreOffice. I find conversation between power users and developers very useful. Understading teachers’ point of view helps developers in prioritizing bugs and feature requests.