LibreOffice at Free Software Conference 2011, Budapest

The Free Software Conference and Exhibition 2011 organized by Foundation was held today in Budapest. With more than 500 participants, it was the biggest free software event in Hungary this year. I think it was a great success, there were many good presentations in 4 tracks, and there was also a room for workshops.

Three Hungarian LibreOffice developers presented there. I had a keynote session about LibreOffice project and The Document Foundation in general. Emphasis was put on attracting new developers and the developer friendly ways of LibreOffice project. I also noted that TDF recommended professional L3 support contract to larger organizations who planned to use or were using LibreOffice. I borrowed a few slides and ideas from others, especially from Michael Meeks, so I thank him again for creating those slides. 🙂 Miklos Vajna presented his GSoC work on RTF filters. Unfortunately I could not attend, I had to be at localizers’ workshop at the same time. Laszlo Nemeth presented the longer version of his “Towards DTP” talk that he had in Paris, with even more slides and very nice examples. Also, 300 LibreOffice stickers were distributed, people could take them from the registration desk. A Hungarian LibreOffice rollup stood next to the registration desk, at a very visible place. It was a great event, and LibreOffice was well represented.

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