My slides from LibreOffice Conference 2011, Paris

For those who did not attend my presentations and for future reference, please find my slides online.
My talks:

  • Localization without building – it was about my thoughts and efforts on how to build language pack without compiling all source code.
  • Localization Birds of Feather session – no slides, but participants discussed state and problems of localization. Some of these problems were presented a day later to the developers on the lightning talk track. Translators also wanted regular localized alpha releases from master. Well, first we need a somewhat stabilized and working master…
  • Design localization-friendly user interface – it was a lightning talk. Only 3 slides, 3 things to keep in mind when designing UI. These issues were raised on the L10n BoF and on l10n mailing list.

By the way, I also presented Laszlo Nemeth’s slides who unfortunately could not come to Paris. That presentation about DTP capabilities of LibreOffice was put online a couple of days ago.