New fonts, unique features for LibreOffice DTP

Based on the excellent SIL Graphite font technology and Philipp H. Poll’s Libertine Open Fonts project, LibreOffice has got extraordinary DTP capabilities with the extended Graphite version of Linux Libertine and Biolinum font families. Now LibreOffice supports new bold and semibold font variants, true size variants, combining diacritics (a basic requirement for several languages and for different scientific notations, eg. IPA) with correct typography (position, kerning, glyph variants for upper case letters), Italic correction (only in LibO 3.3, yet), new features for Baltic and other languages with diacritics (true small caps for Latvian, Lithuanian, Esperanto etc.), Catalan (improved typography of long l·l), English (optional TeX-like sentence spacing, only in LibO 3.3, yet), Hungarian (Italic gj, gf, gy variants), Serbian (Italic б, г, д, п variants using feature locl), experimental hanging punctuation (see picture) and much more. Release notes and documentation with examples. The development of Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G Graphite fonts was supported by Foundation, Hungary.

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