is a new portal dedicated to the easy, Logo-like programming environment of LibreOffice for turtle vector graphics. Main topics: introduction of LibreLogo (see here), development news, education, graphic design and free culture. A short illustrated list of the recent English language articles:

2014-04-03 Hungarian and Norwegian educational materials – a Hungarian LibreLogo textbook (made in LibreOffice) and a Norwegian LibreLogo tutorial
2014-04-01 Color and transparency gradients – LibreOffice 4.3 will support color and transparency gradients in LibreLogo…
2014-03-18 UI/UX fixes – not only the vivid random colors in LibreOffice 4.3
2014-02-20 Word squares – from Unix to LibreOffice…
2014-02-17 LibreLogo poster – in PDF version, for classrooms…
2014-02-11 LibreLogo in LibreOffice 4.2 – PENCAP, FORWARD „text”, SVG and SVG SMIL generation…
2014-02-11 LibreLogo at FOSDEM 2014 – „infinite” maze flyer and a small improvement…

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  1. Wow, I’d like to see that good-looking Hungarian book translated into English so that I can in turn translate it to Spanish 🙂 LibreLogo is an awesome alternative to other proprietary Logo programs, which are still in use in most elementary schools around here.

  2. Where to start. I have been looking for a reliable, easily available LOGO for years- to replace MSWLogo, which was brilliant but did not run under Linux.

    I made a few comments but never could get LibreLogo to work with the current version of LibreOffice. In the UK- we are now using the Mint 15 Distro with LibreOffice, and Mint 16 with usually taken from the cover disk of Linux Format magazine. Professionally I need to be able to say to audience of class- buy the magazine- follow these simple instructions and you too can have this Logo on your computer.

    Help. Talk me through the installation- I will verify it and add it to the wikipedia article.

    If you look at my website you will see at the bottom links to four zip files, these contain the materials for a course Logo Danz. I wrote these and release them under CC-BY-SA 3.0. They work in a mixed ability computing lab- You give them as a challenge to each child (student), and move them to a new one when they have finished. In the spirit of LOGO- most leave the sheet entirely following their own idea- and the teacher chooses the right moment to introduce a new sheet- and another idea. Please use them however you wish.

    But my priority is to get LibreLOGO running- and knowing that it will always be available in the LibreOffice distro & repositories in future.

    1. Dear Clem,

      Thanks to your help and comment, I have extended the First steps page of, with the following note:

      “On Linux, official LibreOffice distribution of The Document Foundation supports all localized languages of the newest LibreLogo. Also you can try to install LibreOffice and libreoffice-librelogo packages of your Linux distribution, but libreoffice-librelogo may have incomplete language support, requiring manual installation of the non-English localization.” (see there for the links).

      So I suggest to use newer LibreOffice distributions from If you don’t want a parallel LibreOffice on your Linux, installing the libreoffice-librelogo package will result a working (but older) LibreLogo. It is possible to update this LibreLogo manually replacing the /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/Script/python/LibreLogo/ and with these files:

      $ sudo cp /opt/libreoffice4.0/share/Scripts/python/LibreLogo/
      $ sudo cp /opt/libreoffice4.0/share/Scripts/python/LibreLogo/

      I have checked them, they work with LibreOffice 4.0, too.

      Many thanks for your nice educational materials! I have checked the first one. It needs some update for LibreLogo, also it refers to external resources (eg. the task windmill). Some commands are different (eg. WAIT -> SLEEP), or missing (PE) in LibreLogo, see the references: I will wait for your feedback about the installation.

      Best regards, Laszlo

  3. I now have LO build 410m0(Build 2) installed on Mint 16 but have so far failed to get it working on Mint 15. So I can now experiment with it and test it with my favorite programs. I will keep trying to get Mint 15 working. Synaptic shows that the lateset version of LO on Mint is 4.0.2- I have sucessfully dpkg -i but it crashes invalid syntax ( line 178)….

    So lets have a look at Mint 16. The first job is to let the customer know where to find it.

    “The LibreLogo Toolbar is packaged with all official LibreOffice distributions- starting at build 2, it is available in each of supported local languages. This LibreOffice is shipped with Mint 16.
    Also you can try to retro install LibreOffice and libreoffice-librelogo packages into older distribution, but libreoffice-librelogo may have incomplete language support, requiring manual installation of the non-English files” (see there for the links).

    Set LibreLogo toolbar by View»Toolbars»Logo. It will join the other toolbars- you may need to select and drag it to somewhere more visible.

    Click on the up-arrow button on the toolbar to display the Logo turtle. It is now ready

    Write or copy the following text onto the page above the turtle, this is a LibreLogo program.

    Click on the green triangle button on the toolbar, this executes the LibreLogo program.
    The turtle draws a spiral like figure, this is in (SVG format) so can be resized, saved and manipulated by LibreOffice Draw.

    A click on the magic wand icon on the tool bar will help to translate an English language Logo program into your default language for documents. (Set under Tools»Options»Language Settings»Default Language for Documents-Western )”

    That gets us a little further towards total world domination! The challenge here is human communication- the Wikipedia site was not clear- LibreOffice documentation is difficult to understand by native speaker and none native alike. I hope the text above is useful. You are welcome to use my email if you wish to make this conversation less open.

    1. Many thanks for your feedback! I will update the First steps section and LibreLogo help with your corrections. Total world domination is good target, so I will make a Download (and installation) page, too, and I will write. 🙂

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