FSF.hu donated a new Pootle server to TDF

In April, 2011 FSF.hu offered a Core 2 Quad server with 8GB RAM and 100GB disk and free Internet hosting to TDF. The parties agreed that the best utilization of this server would be the hosting of translation services (Pootle). After a few weeks of installing and testing, the server started to host Pootle yesterday.

While the VM Pootle was running in had been running stable since the last incident where VM did “freeze”, the dedicated server has enough RAM to hold the complete database in RAM, and thus does not rely on the host’s file-cache. Creation of database backup is also faster. Creating the files for download is still CPU bound and thus not affected by the amount of RAM. Last but not least this transition allows TDF to turn the old server into a playing ground again without having to worry about affecting productivity tools.

Many thanks to Christian Lohmaier (TDF) and Peter Mato (FSF.hu) who have helped a lot to set up the new server.

About FSF.hu

The FSF.hu Foundation for Promoting and Localizing Free Software in Hungary (“FSF.hu Alapítvány a Szabad Szoftverek Magyarországi Népszerűsítéséért és Honosításáért”) was officially recognized by the Hungarian state as a foundation for the public good (“közhasznú alapítvány”) on January 27th, 2003. We use the FSF.hu moniker to signify our adherence to the principles of software freedom as articulated by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation.