OOo goes to Apache Foundation


It’s hard to add anything new to the plethora of comments and reviews about Contribution to Apache.

I just wanted to react to Luke Kowalski’s Apache Incubator Proposal:

Localization resources are expected to gravitate to the new project, as well.

Being a free software localizer who spent significant amount of time in the last 12 years on localizing free software on a voluntary basis, I do not find appealing to translate anything for free for a non-copyleft licensed software. I don’t like the business model where large corporations happily take the work of volunteers, who save them a lot of money, and nothing or nearly nothing comes from them in return.

I’m afraid that the new Apache project serves no other purpose than IBM can continue their practice: they take code others wrote for free, while keeping their code proprietary and occasionally dumping the unimportant parts to an open core to ease maintenance. I feel reluctant to support this scheme.

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